I become the sky. 

The heavy clouds that bottle up water like I bottle up honesty. An uneven surface. Unable to pick a single colour to paint myself in. Scattered personalities. Lighter here, darker over there. Circling in an orbit of insequrity. Disintegrating. Killing parts of me to put together a front that is not entirely shapeless. 

A careless artwork. 


Withering wallflower, shy moon
Your despair is choking the night sky
These cruel clouds are closing in on you
Your scream is rattling my rooftop
These cheap tricks, sweet nothings
Playing peek-a-boo with teary eyed humans
I have caught you red handed
Doing somersaults in the guilt pool
Tearing down clouds, trying to get a clear view from crowded windows

Moth eaten moon
Tell me about the monsters who break you
Half one day and quarter the next
Breaking and forming in an endless loop
Teach me to heal the way you do
Brave celestial wonder
Battling Zeus in your spare time
Blinding clouds until they melt

Blush not, sweet saviour
Send a moonbeam my way before the universe paints you black
It knows
It knows
That you are guilty
Of wanting to shine.