​You sought home in me when the world shunned you. Drew me out until your ears grew heavy with my voice. You told me I was the lullaby your mother could never sing and smiled like it was a compliment. I smiled back. I was proud of being something to someone, it was an accomplishment you forced down on me. 
I was your favorite lullaby until you stopped falling asleep. The world was opening up to you and it was prettier than my tunes. I sang songs of bereavement hoping the music would make its way to you, but the world had you in her palms, I could see you dancing to her quick beats like you never did to mine. I was your favorite lullaby until the world pulled you out of our cocoon. I clutched hope by her throat, I wanted her to soothe this burning ache. Your absence hit me like bullets to the head. Let me show you, let me show you. The universe is here with us. 
I’ll try a different tune this time. I’ll try till your eyes drop. I’ll try harder this time, I’ll – 

I did. I tried. But you fell asleep before I began. 


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