Revenge of the rainbows

​We are monochrome people, colour blind
Shut our eyes against rainbows 
Turn our face against differences.  
We are monochrome people 
Falling out the ladder, but still on the throne.
There is a stirring in the woods
The banished colors are rising 
When their mutant weapons strike us 
We’ll have nowhere to run. 
There is a stirring in the woods
Let us stay and finish our meal
This might be the last rainbow cake 
That we’d ever get to eat.

Monochromes, surrender!
Aren’t we a wonderful sight to behold? 
Tell me, have you seen anything quite majestic as our King Red? 
Perhaps if we slay you, we might find his cousins in your blood.
Here is Queen Blue! Royal blood reigns in her veins. Look at her bushing bright peacock! 
Ah, and this beauty before you is Princess Purple. Doesn’t she look ravishing in her lilac gown? Princess is a rare magician, you may want to be careful around her. 
This is orange, the optimistic minister. Don’t you see a brightness in his eye, joy splashed across his smile? 
And here is yellow, his wife. The great dancer amongst us. Maybe if you yield, she’d perform a little piece for us. 
I am green, you can trust me with your life. I see beads of sweat on you, black, need I cast a calmness spell? 
The hues behind us are our cousins, different in shades and tones but bound together by blood. 
We have multiplied in disturbing numbers, yes. 
Take a good look at us through your colour blind eyes, 
Take in our tints and let your retinas explode in amazement, 
And tell me, ladies 
Answer me, gentlemen 
Are you sure that it’s war that you want? 
Infinities of uniqueness suppressed for so long against your vain incestuous crowd? 
Before we storm your bland castles and paint ourselves onto your walls, 
Let’s try our luck at a gray compromise, shall we?
Join us and let us colour this world together.


5 thoughts on “Revenge of the rainbows

      1. I really enjoyed this, I am working on a project where I use colors to convey emotion, like painting in prose, seeing this really restored my hope in that. This is really good.


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